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July 20, 2021  

Black Widow, The Loki Finale and the Emmys

We're back for another fun episode this week. Fanboy Dennis takes a break so we replaced him with our Dorkiest Timeline Co-Host Krizia. This week, we talk about the latest MCU offering "Black Widow" and discuss the movie and where it's going to lead. That, and we talk our Loki Finale watch party, and talk about the finale itself! Lots of fun stuff this week. 

July 13, 2021  

Episode 182: Richard Donner Introspective, F9 review, plus more Loki

Welcome back Fanpeople!!!


This week we start of with an introspection on Richard Donner's influence on the Fanboys.  From the Goonies to Superman, the late Film maker had a huge effect on our childhood.

We also review the ridiculousness of F9 and the penultimate episode of Loki!!!

July 6, 2021  

Episode 181: Grumpy Old Men Talk Loki and Modok

Welcome back!!!!

I hope you had a great 4th of July!!!   In this weeks episode, we talk about Loki and Modok.  We also show just how old we are getting.  

Please click, share, and spread them good feelings!!!!

June 29, 2021  

Episode 180: Loki & Sexy Beasts

Welcome back Fan-people.  

In today's episode.   We look at Trailer Park Trash with some new trailers.

We talk about the new Netflix show, Sexy Beasts.

Finally we talk about the sexy beast himself, LOKI!!!

June 22, 2021  

Episode 179: Earl Baylon and Trese

Hey everybody!!!

Welcome to the Dorkiest Timeline!!!

In today's episode, we are so happy to welcome actor, voice actor, podcaster, twitch streamer, and all around good guy... Earl Baylon.

We talk to him about his newest project, Netflix's new show, Trese!!

Thank you to Bensound.com for our temporary opening and closing song!!!

June 15, 2021  

Episode 178: Loki Watch Party

Greetings Fanboys and Fangirls!!!


In this episode, we get to talk about the newest release from Disney+. Loki!!!

We also discuss the successful Watch Party that we hosted at We Can Be Heroes in Chatsworth.


Click on the link and find out more.

June 8, 2021  

Episode 177: “Friends Reunion”

Welcome everyone!!!

On this week's episode, the fanboys take a look at the highly anticipated Friend's Reunion.  We see how this 90's staple holds up as well as how the actors and actresses held  up as well.  

We also discuss which licenses we believe deserve to have their own reunion special.


Click and find out!!!

June 3, 2021  

Episode 176: “Mitchell’s vs the Machines

In today's episode we review one of the newest Netflix exclusives, "Mitchell's vs. the Machine.

In a delightful twist, Harold finally found a movie that even he can't fault.  Listen to our review and find out our thoughts in what could be the best movies of the year.

Also on the episode, Luis brings back Trailer Park, where we give our takes on the newest trailers for upcoming films.

May 18, 2021  

Episode 175: Invincible Review - Wrestling Docs

Welcome back everyone!!!

In this episode we review the highly anticipated and talked about new series, Invincible.  This new Amazon program seemed to have wowed even the harshest critics, did Harold finally like something?

Also, the boys talk about the new A&E wrestling documents.  Will Luis and Harold finally realize that Dennis is stuck in the 90's when  it comes to wrestling?  Click and find out!!!

May 12, 2021  

Episode 174: AAPI Heroes and Mortal Kombat

Hi there once again!!!

For our Poo-Pourri In this episode we do a quick review of Mortal Kombat and our experience of seeing it on the big screens.

For our main topic, we look at AAPI Heroes from the past and present.

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