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August 3, 2022  

Episode 206: Thor Love and Thunder

Welcome back Fan People!!!

The fanboys are back at it again!!! This time we are reviewing Thor Love and Thunder.  With Taika Waititi back at the helm, is his sophomore effort a thunderous a success  or will it break the franchise like Hela did with Mjolnir?

With Christian Bale as the villain and Padme weilding the hammer, this has to be a movie we all loved.  Right?

Click and find out!!!

July 22, 2022  

Top Gun: Maverick

We finally get the chance to talk Top Gun: Maverick. Does it live up to the hype? Was it worth the 30 year wait? Is touch football as cool as volleyball? With special guest Krizia taking Luis' spot we talk Top Gun as Dennis premiers a new bit that Harold loves and hates at the same time. 

June 29, 2022  

The Dorkiest Timeline: Your favorite Quartet talks our Favorite Duos

Welcome back to the 11th episode of the Dorkiest Timeline! This episode, we talk about our trip to the Disney Studios for a screening of Disney Plus' Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers movie and then discuss some of our favorite Dynamic Duos in Pop Culture. Will Luis go with the lowest hanging fruit? (Spoiler alert: yes) and then some of us show our age with our choices. Who are some of your favorite Duos? Is it Lu and Low Hanging Fruit? is it Harold and Choking on Popcorn? Is it Dennis and ignoring group chats? Is it Krizia and being way overqualified for our Podcast? Let us know! 

June 23, 2022  

Episode 204: Dr. Strange in the The Multiverse of Fanboyness

This episode the boys review the latest MCU Offering, Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Was it up to standards set by Spider-man and WandaVision? Will the MCU writers ever let a female character not have 3x the flaws of their male counterpart? See for yourself as the movie is available today on Disney+. For our Poopouri, we also talk the trailer for Black Adam and the upcoming Street Fighter 6.

June 15, 2022  

Episode 203: Tribute to Spider-man

Welcome back!!!

It's been a quick minute since our last episode.  Our apologies for the delay. Unfortunately life happens and adulting is quite hard.

In today's episode, we focus on the anniversary of Toby McGuire's Spider-man.  What did we think about it?  Where were we?  Does Dennis even remember being there?  

We also look at the trailers for Avater: Way of the Water.  Spoilers... Dennis likes it.

Click and find out more.

May 19, 2022  

DT Episode 10: Fandom and Friendship

Do you think your interests are too obscure for other people? Well, you're not alone. You are never alone!

In this episode of the Dorkiest Timeline, the best tangential podcast discusses fandom and the friendships we've fostered and even rekindled.

May 12, 2022  

Episode 202: Just Lu and H

Good morning Fanpeople!!!

The day has finally come.  Dennis has been fired from the podcast!!!!

In today's episode the boys talk about the first half of Moon Knight and the first few episode of Halo.  

They also look at the History of Video-game movies.  From Super Mario Brothers to the newest Sonic sequel, they examine which is the best Video-game inspired movie to its worst.

Click and find out,

May 2, 2022  

Episode 201: The Batman Review

Like the first rainfall during a long drought, the fanboys are back at it once again. But, this time, with little but of friction,

In our episode today we talk about the death of the drummer of the Foo Fighters and review the latest Batman movie.  This time with Robert Pattinson with the cowl.  

Listen to the Fanboys finally disagree with something!!!!  Really, we do!!!

April 6, 2022  

DT Episode 9: Turning Red and Representation

We are back!!! The best tangential podcast is back once again to ask the hard hitting questions.

This week we take the new Pixar movie, Turning Red, and explore why there has been some intense discussion about it.  Why is a movie about a cute red panda, boy bands, and Canada being so scrutinized by fans and critics alike?


Click and find out!!!

March 25, 2022  

Episode 200:”Pur 200th Episode.”

The fanboys hit a milestone!!!  We are celebrating our 200th episode. This time around, instead of reviewing movies, we decided to review our lives and reminisce memories that made us who we are.

From weddings, basketball games, River Rafting, shirtless wrestling....  so many memories that can give a glimpse into who we truly are.

Click on the link to learn more about us,

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